Registered office in Canada

Persona Consultants Inc. is having its registered office in Surrey, Canada which is run under the supervision of Mr. Sandeep Brar, Director at Persona Consultants Inc. who is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Member having membership no. (R-515376) of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council( ICCRC).

This office works as an Expert support system of Persona ConsultantsPvt.Ltd for processingof all kinds of visa applications of our Clients of India or other south east asian countries as well.

Registered office in India

All types of local visa applications are processed in this office. This office is run under the supervision of our directors, Mr. Mahipreet Singh & Mr. Hardeep Singh who are experts in this field of Overseas education & immigration and has been working as directors of Persona Consultants Pvt.Ltd since last 13 years.

To provide the best customer support to our clients, we have an expert team of counsellors, admission & filling officers , IELTS trainers, domestic & overseas marketing managers who all together contribute to the growth of this company.